Sagada – a mountain paradise with yogurt pancakes | Philippines 2011

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“Sagada – that’s where you should go!” People keep telling us to visit this place, which makes us wanna go there, no matter what. What we can find there tops everything we could have dreamed to expect – Sagada is a little paradise for adventurous and culturally interested people like us! =)

It starts with the road: sitting in a bus which is crying for renovation and looking out the non-existing windows down the steep cliffs is an adventure in itself. As we learn later, the “street” (sometimes it’s just rocks and soil) between Baguio and Sagada was regarded as one of the most dangerous ones in the world… A good thing we didn’t know that before.

Some fresh mountain air in North Luzon

Sagada is a lovely small village with alloted houses along steep streets. Surprisingly we meet more tourists here than anywhere else we have been to so far, and still the town has kept its charme and calmness. Apart from dogs and pigs there is not much noise up here, and fastly we are getting used to enjoy a cup of tea on a balcony, looking into the mountains.

Still, Sagada is more: There is lots of stuff to do around here!

Sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan

Starting your day with a spectacular view over the mountains of Sagada might be something you remember for the rest of your life. After some forty minutes of walking through the nightly woods, you will find yourself below thousands of stars, waiting for the horizon to turn from black and bluish into fire-red. If you are lucky, your tour guide brings along some coffee and you can enjoy an unforgettable breakfast in the Mountains of Sagada. Thanks, Gareth! 🙂

Exploration of big and small caves

How do you describe a five-hour climbing-crawling-wading-swimming and trying-to-fit-through-tiny-holes adventure in the caves below Sagada? I can’t. You just have to do it yourself – and you will see it’s going to be unforgettable!

Thanks to our great tour guide, Gareth, we got to know the different kinds of rocks, how to step on them, what to hold on to. Swimming in tiny cave-ponds and walking through underground rivers made this adventure even more enjoyable. Bottom-line: Legendary!

Entrance into the cave – behind this rock, that’s where we climbed down 😉

A swim in one of the many underground rivers and ponds – feels great! 🙂

Taking a bath in the Bomod-ok falls

Swimming in one of its 200 feet waterfalls is a must-do when visiting Sagada. During a two-hour hike through rice terraces and tiny villages, you will to get to hear lots of stories about the people living in the Sagada region from your tour guide. Reaching the huge waterfall, jumping into the cold water feels amazingly refreshing and lets us forget about our exhausting way lying behind us – so don’t forget to bring bikinis and trunks!

Having breakfast at the Yogurt House

Ever tried home-made yogurt? Well this is the place to try your first! Besides being a cozy place to hangout, Yogurt House has lots of delicious food, and of course awesome yogurt. No matter if you come back from your morning sunrise hike, a crazy cave exploration or a fresh swim in the waterfalls – a banana pancake with yogurt and some strawberry jam is just the right thing to load up your batteries for the next adventure!



Visiting locals


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  1. Gareth here 🙂
    Hey.. what a cool experience… im flattered that you enjoyed your stay here in our place.. photo is so awesome….. i like it a lot….. thanks.. thanks for visiting our place… 🙂

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