At the wet market in San Fernando, Luzon | Philippines 2011


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We had heard that La Union should be a great place to learn surfing, which was the original reason why we went there. After we found amazing couchsurfing hosts living directly by the beach we found out that the wind is as calm as it hasn’t been in months and no surfing is going to happen for us. So we endet up discovering the area with our hosts and found ourselves on a real authentic fish market. A real one, like, the real deal. 

Staying with Ogie, a local in San Fernando (La Union)


Visiting a Filipino-Chinese friendship pagoda


Going to the wet market


My dear travel companion Maaike took a video and made a short documentary out of our adventure at the wet market in San Fernando:

Video by Maaike van Heijningen

Living by the beach

Our plan to go surfing fell through. Flat ocean, as if it was a lake.


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