Time to breathe.

2013. A few weeks before completing my master studies with a final exam, my relationship breaks into pieces.

I don’t know what to do. My friend-net is not knit that closely and I fall into a deep depression, not being able to think straight at all anymore, take care of myself, let alone prepare for my exam. My dad stays with me in Vienna for a few days, then he takes me to the mountains, where I should do nothing but sleep, eat and study. A successful plan, as it turns out, I pass my exam and finish my studies.

What now? What should be the next step? Where do I want to work, where do I want to live? Too many questions, no answers. I come back home with my dad to stay there for a while, to find some of those answers. Time to slow down and do nothing – but breathe.


Recorded in Ried im Innkreis & Neuhofen im Innkreis, Upper Austria

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