Freezing in a maltese dormitory.


Valetta, Malta. A romantic old town, an amazing historical library (one of the best I’ve seen) and sunny spring days in January. And: no central heating.

One night in a dormitory. By myself. Seriously – not a single other person slept there. Around midnight, also the girl who worked at the reception, left. I was by myself and you know what? It was colder than expected, around 10 degrees which why I started to freeze.

My plan was to flee to the warm south to escape the cold winter in Berlin, well. Fun fact: the dormitory had no central heating. No heating at all, to be precise. So. I was alone in a damn-cold dormitory and the only light I could switch on worked through a motion detector which resulted in me wanting to read a book (also, there was nothing else to do) and therefore having to get up from the bed every 2 minutes to switch the light back on by waving into the air. Fun. The same night I did something I would normally never do: I booked a hotel. 

Sliema – hotels, bars, Pubs.

Sliema had people. But more importantly: a hotel room with central heating. And a place to get a massage. The first time in my life that I couldn’t be happier to be in a hotel. From there, I discovered the town and took a bus to go hiking: this is when I began to enjoy my vacation 🙂


More photos of my trip to Malta


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