From a rooftop in Yangon | Myanmar, Laos & Thailand 2018

It’s time to head back to several places I can call home. This journey has been extraordinary in so many different ways. It almost seems obsolete to write about it since everyone who comes back from traveling will say „It has been amazing!“ And still, everyone experiences every step of the way differently and real shared moments come along very rarely.

Therefore, I wouldn’t say it has been „amazing“ but I go with „extraordinary“ as it describes the gift that I gave to myself, the month of just caring about myself, my comfort in unknown environments, the people of such different backgrounds I was allowed to connect with and the stunning nature I could witness in the most accurate way.

I allowed myself to be purely egoistic, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and was rewarded by beautiful shared moments with amazing people, I felt the essence of my introvert character, how expectations of some people made my insecurities stand out and how this process brought me one step closer to overcoming them one day.

I realized how I want to spend more time on writing and photography again, that sharing will always take courage for me and still how essential it is for connecting with the world around us.

Thanks to all of you who I could share moments or even days with in the past few weeks, you know who you are 🙂 I had a great time and maybe we run into each other sometime again somewhere in the world. I certainly hope so!

For you who has read up to this point: thank you for taking the time and for your interest in my shared experiences. Chances are high I will publish more photographs and stories of locals I have met on my blog so if you can’t be bothered with any more photos of beautiful cows, smiling Lao, Thai and Burmese people or some deep shit writing – stay strong or unfollow me 😉

Sending you sunshine and 30 degrees from a rooftop in Yangon and see you back home at a Christmas market 😉

Text & Photo: Kerstin Schachinger

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