kind eyes worldwide.

A group of children play in the streets of Malate, Philippines (2011)


kind eyes worldwide.
An artisan proudly presents his most recent piece of work in Yangon, Myanmar (2018)
A Laotian woman is so happy to pose for a picture while picking seeds from the street near Nong Khiaw (Laos 2018)




Die Magie fängt da an
Wo dir jemand in die Augen schaut
Ganz bei dir ist
Ehrlich und ohne Bewertung
Mit Leichtigkeit
Und Wohlwollen
Und dir zeigt:
Ich seh dich.
Ich hör dir zu.
Wie wollen wir diesen Moment teilen?

kind eyes worldwide. 
Bald gibt es mehr.

The magic happens
In that very moment
When someone looks you in the eyes
shares their full attention with you
with honesty, without judgement
With lightness, with goodwill
Showing you:
I see you.
I hear you.
How do we want to share this moment?

kind eyes worldwide. 
More to come soon.

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